National Park Service of American Samoa

The National Park Service of American Samoa is a Government agency in American Samoa that preserves and protects tropical rainforests, coral reefs and the Samoan culture. PII has been working with the National Park Service since 2007 providing technical advice, support and training to support their "Tamaligi (Falcataria moluccana) control in forests across Tutuila Island, American Samoa" Project.

PII Support:
  • Invasive Plant Management Training Course
  • Access to best practice tools
  • Planning assistance at all stages of a project
  • Review of project proposal
Through the Invasive Plant Management Training PII has also worked with the: American Samoa Community College; Department of Agriculture and Department of Marine and Wildlife Resource.

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PII is a leading provider of technical support and capacity development for invasive species management in the Pacific.

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