National Trust of Fiji Islands

The National Trust of Fiji (NTF), is a statutory body funded jointly by the Fiji Government, independent donors and multi-lateral projects, it was established in 1970 to provide for the protection of Fiji’s natural, cultural and national heritage. It is the only National Trust of the South Pacific region and specializes in both the natural and cultural aspects of heritage conservation.

PII has worked with NTF since 2007 on various invasive species projects such as eradication of goats and rodents, invasive plant management and biosecurity. PII has also provided and continues to provide technical advice, support and mentoring to the NTF team. In 2011 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between PII and NTF to further strenghten our collaboration on invasive species work.

PII Support
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed between National Trust of Fiji and PII in 2011
  • Invasive Plant Management Training
  • On-the-job training
  • How to eradicate rodents and cats on islands training
  • Island biosecurity training
  • In-country follow up visits to project sites
  • Planning assistance at all stages of a project
  • Review of project documents
  • Analysis of data collected
  • Access to best practice tools
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Purchase of equipment
Project 1: Restoration of Kadomo and Monuriki Islands, Fiji (This is a joint project between National Trust of Fiji and BirdLife International Fiji Programme)
Project Stage Document
Feasibility Study Coulston, G. 2010. Observations on technical aspects for proposed goat eradication on Kadomo Island, Fiji (unpublished). Prepared by the Pacific Invasive Initiative for Birdlife International Fiji Programme, Fiji
Coulston, G., Ratu, M., Nagle, B. 2010. Monuriki Island goat removal; report of a feasibility study visit. (unpublished). Prepared by Pacific Invasives Initiative for The National Trust of Fiji

Project 2: Restoring the Native Vegetation of Monuriki Island, Waisali Reserve and Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park, Fiji
Project Stage Document
Feasibility Study Taylor, J., Harlow, P., Niukula, J. 2005. Invasive Plant Assessment and Weed Management Plan for the Fijian Crested Iguana Sanctuary Island of Yadua Taba, Bua. (unpublished). National Trust of Fiji Islands.  
Thaman, B., Niukula, J. 2013. Monuriki Invasive Plant Project –DRAFT  Feasibility Study. (unpublished). National Trust of Fiji Islands.

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