Te Ipukarea Society

The Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) is an environmental non-government organisation in the Cook Islands. It is the BirdLife International partner organisation for the Cook Islands. For more information on TIS please visit their website.

PII Support
  • How to Eradicate Rodents & Cats on Islands Training
  • Access to best practice tools
  • Planning assistance at all stages of a project
  • Review of project documents
  • Access to subject matter experts
Project 1:  Saving Suwarrow’s Seabirds: Restoring a Key Biodiversity Area

Project 2: Protection of Tanga'eo, the endemic Mangaia kingfisher (Todiramphus rufficollaris) from common myna (Acridotheres tristis)
Project Stage Document
Feasibility Study Parkes, J. 2006. Feasibility Plan to Eradicate Common Mynas (Acridotheres tristis) from Mangaia Island, Cook Islands.Landcare Research, New Zealand.

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PII is a leading provider of technical support and capacity development for invasive species management in the Pacific.

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