How to Eradicate Rodents & Cats on Islands Training Course

About the training course: This training course provides an accelerated learning path for best practice eradication methods. It ensures that project managers get maximum benefits from the PII Resource Kit for Rodent and Cat Eradication.

Target Audience: The training is for project managers/officers who are actively engaged in on-the-ground invasive species management. Each participant is asked to bring information about their project to the training and participants will directly apply the knowledge and skills learned to their project during the course.

Group size: 10 participants

Duration: 5-days

Purpose: To train participants in planning and implementing rodent and cat eradication projects, using the PII Resource Kit for Rodent and Cat Eradication.

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the training course participants will:
  • Know the principles that underpin the PII Resource Kit
  • Know the PII Project Process for an eradication
  • Know the reasons and value for each stage and steps in the process
  • Be able to use the PII Resource Kit to locate information and resources to assist you in completing each step in the project process
  • Know how to access further learning resources and support
  • Have a plan of where to from here for projects
About the Resource Kit: The PII Resource Kit for Rodent and Cat Eradication is a step-by-step guide to eradications using the six-stage PII Project Process (Project Selection, Feasibility Study, Project Design, Operational planning, Implementation, Sustaining the Project). The PII Resource Kit is a web-based, practical guide to assist Pacific Island project managers to plan and implement eradication projects. It has been developed by PII in collaboration with world experts in invasive species management and is specifically aimed at Pacific agencies and the challenges of undertaking rodent and cat eradication projects on Pacific Islands.

Each stage has supporting tools, such as guidelines, templates, worked examples, references and useful links. 

Trainings Delivered
Year Location Report Photos
2012 Tonga Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2012. How to Eradicate Rodents & Cat on Islands Training Course, Kingdom of Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11-15 June, 2012 (unpublished report). Pacific Invasives Initiative,  Auckland, New Zealand Photo Album
2011 Fiji Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2011. How to Eradicate Rodents & Cats from Islands Training Course,  Fiji, 11-15  April 2011 (unpublished report). Pacific Invasives Initiative,  Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Album

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