Island Biosecurity Training Course

About the training: PII provides an island biosecurity training course that introduces biosecurity and its importance for island restoration projects. The course covers basic biosecurity concepts and practical tools necessary for staff to apply to an island restoration project. The training can be tailored to suit a current project.

Open discussion is encouraged. The training uses a participatory approach and all participants are expected to interact and provide their own opinions, guidance, knowledge and experience.

Target audience:  Staff, or members, of government organisations, NGO’s and community members.

Group size: 5 -15 participants

Duration: 3-5 days

Purposes: To develop an understanding of the purpose of biosecurity and the need to maintain effective biosecurity programmes to minimise the risk of reinvasion or new invasions. To develop the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake prevention measures, basic surveillance and incursion responses. To collect local knowledge that may contribute to preparation of a biosecurity plan (e.g. invasion pathways, visitors’ checklist) for islands.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the training, participants will:
  • Understand the importance of biosecurity and be able to apply practical biosecurity measures for targeted islands.
  • Be able to undertake surveillance and identify and collect information for any incursion response.
  • Be able to contribute baseline information to an island biosecurity plan, if required.
Fieldtrip and activities: Activities will be incorporated into the training to provide practical experience for participants. These include short exercises and scenarios either in the room or outdoors on a field visit. If possible, a one-day fieldtrip to a target island is suggested so that all participants can observe and discuss the biosecurity measures required at departure and landing sites.

Trainings Delivered
Year Location Report Photo Album
2012 Fiji Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2012. Report of an Island Biosecurity Training Course, Suva, 26-28 September. Pacific Invasives Initiative Photo Album
2012 Kiribati Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2012. Report of Biosecurity Training for Phoenix Islands Protected Area, Republic of Kiribati Tarawa 4-11 June, 2012 (unpublished report). Pacific Invasives Initiative, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Album
2010 Fiji Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2010. Training course report: Island biosecurity for National Trust of Fiji, Suva, 28 June – 01 July 2010 (unpublished report). Pacific Invasives Initiative, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Album
2010 Samoa Pacific Invasives Initiative. 2010. Report Island biosecurity training for Nu’utele and Nu’ulua Islands (Aleipata Island Groups), Apia, Samoa. 8 – 11 March 2010 (unpublished report). Pacific Invasives Initiative, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo Album

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