The Project Process Stages

Stage 1
Project Selection
Stage 2
Feasibility Study
Stage 3
Project Design
Stage 4
Operational Plan
Stage 5
Stage 6
Sustaining the Project
1.1 Prepare an inventory of introduced plants 2.1 Identify stakeholders 3.1 Identify stakeholders 4.1 Identify stakeholders 5.1 Identify stakeholders 6.1 Continue stakeholder engagement
1.2 Identify the plants posing the greatest risk (WRA) 2.2 Describe the project site(s) 3.2 Update the site and target species 4.2 Secure permissions,  consents and permits 5.2 Implement biosecurity plan 6.2 Continue biosecurity prevention
1.3  Locate area(s) of most serious plant threats on map of country 2.3 Describe the target species 3.3 Update the goal, outcomes and objectives 4.3 Resolve any identified issues 5.3 Train the team 6.3 Maintain biosecurity incursion response capability
1.4 Determine whether eradication is a realistic expectation 2.4 Define the goal, outcomes and objectives 3.4 Describe the project approach 4.4 Summarize the site and target species 5.4 Contract the necessary services 6.4 Continue Biosecurity Surveillance
1.5  Identify priorities for an invasive plant management strategy 2.5 Start the 'Can It Be Done?' section 3.5 Plan stakeholder engagement 4.5 Plan the details of the operation 5.5 Source the equipment 6.5 Respond to Possible Incursion
1.6 Identify and inform the Stakeholders 2.6 Complete the site visit biosecurity assessment 3.6 Define the project governance for  the life of project 4.6 Plan how to manage the non-target species risks 5.6 Complete the remaining pre-treatment tasks 6.6 Conduct on-going Monitoring
  2.7 Visit the site and update the “Can it be done?” section 3.7 Define project monitoring 4.7 Plan how to manage the environmental effects 5.7 Conduct a readiness check 6.7 Complete on-going Reporting
  2.8 Assess the feasibility of the project 3.8 Plan the project timeline for  the life of project 4.8 Plan the monitoring 5.8 Implementation – apply the treatment(s) 6.8 Inform the stakeholders
  2.9 Complete the feasibility study report 3.9 Estimate project costs for  the life of the project 4.9 Plan biosecurity for the site 5.9 Conduct the Post-treatment Monitoring  
  2.10 Inform the stakeholders 3.10 Plan the project risk management 4.10 Plan the safety of people 5.10 Complete Operational Review(s) and Annual Progress  
    3.11 Complete the project plan 4.11 Plan the logistics 5.11 Update operational plan and repeat stages 4 and 5 for as required for follow up work  
    3.12 Inform the stakeholders 4.12 Prepare an equipment list 5.12 Complete a review and report before the end of current planning cycle – update stage 3, 4 plans and repeat stage 5  
      4.13 Plan the operation task schedule 5.13 Inform the Stakeholders  
      4.14 Decide the operation team    
      4.15 Complete the operational plan    
      4.16 Inform the Stakeholders    
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