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Type Name Description
ie7logo(copy) Auckland Council - Weed and Site Selection Looks at the different types of management for weeds. Weed-led management versus site-led management 
ie7logo(copy) Auckland Council - Pest Plants Provides information on pest plant control techniques
ie7logo(copy) Auckland Council - Plant Search Search for plants within a region of New Zealand
ie7logo(copy) Auckland Council - Regional Pest Managment Strategy The Regional Pest Management Strategy defines our priorities and goals regarding control of animal and plant pests across the Auckland region.
ie7logo(copy) Auckland Council - Weed Management Policy Auckland Regional Council Weed Management Policy
ie7logo(copy) BioNET-EAFRINET Keys and Factsheets - Invasive Plants This interactive key and accompanying fact sheets provides a resource that can help those who wish to identify species of concern and to undertake management efforts to minimise their impact.
ie7logo(copy) BioNET-EAFRINET Keys and Fact sheets – Invasive Plants – Glossary Glossary
ie7logo(copy) Department of Conservation – Control animal pests and weeds Provides information on control methods
ie7logo(copy) Department of Conservation – Meet the Locals Meet the Locals is a series of mini-documentaries about New Zealand's wildlife, wild places and the people working to protect them.
Each four-minute episode showcases the inspiring work of local communities, businesses and individuals, who make a difference to protecting our natural areas, native species and historic places.
ie7logo(copy) Department of Conservation - Procedures and SOPs Managing weeds DOC's weed management procedures ensure its operations are effective, managed safely, and meet all legal requirements. This page provides access to the Department's systems and templates, which may be useful for others managing weeds
ie7logo(copy) Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative and Curriculum – Flash cards Education/awareness material on various invasive plants
ie7logo(copy) Florida Invasive Plant Education Initiative and Curriculum – Teacher Resource Notebooks Teacher resource material on various invasive plants
ie7logo(copy) Forest Invasive Species Invasive species occur in all major taxonomic groups from micro-organisms to mammals. This Web site provides a sampling of invasive species that negatively affect forests and the forest sector.
ie7logo(copy) Fruitfed Supplies – Herbicides Weed control options for all crops Information on weed control options
ie7logo(copy) Geosystems Equipment suppliers
ie7logo(copy) Global Invasive Species Database (GISD) The Global Invasive Species Database (GISD) aims to increase awareness about invasive alien species and to facilitate effective prevention and management activities.
ie7logo(copy) Government of South Australia – Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board Information on aquatic weed management for Water Hyacinth and Salvinia
ie7logo(copy) Government of South Australia – Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board Herbicides & Pesticides Information regarding herbicides and pesticides
ie7logo(copy) Hawaii Ethnobotany Online Database Database of Hawaii plants
ie7logo(copy) Hawaii Pacific Weed Risk Assessment (HPWRA) A screening tool to ask “background questions” about a plant before it is imported or widely planted in Hawai‘i.
ie7logo(copy) Invasive and introduced tree species database The database provides summarized information about those forest tree species that have been reported naturalized or invasive in at least one country or territory.
ie7logo(copy) Invasive Plant Calendar Awareness material
ie7logo(copy) Invasive Plant Fact Sheet Awareness material
ie7logo(copy) Invasive Species: impacts on forests and forestry This website provides information on the impacts of invasive species to forests and the forestry sector.
ie7logo(copy) ISL Animal Health This company supplies backpack tanks and injectors used for animal health work that can be adapted to deliver precise amounts of herbicide to trees.
ie7logo(copy) Kauri trees show La Nina future in new research – TV3NEWS Scientists using the rings on kauri trees to look at climate patterns are tipping global warming to bring more big weather extremes in the coming years
ie7logo(copy) Landcare Research Manaaki Whenua – Bicontrol and Ecology of Weeds Provides informaiton on biocontrol and ecology of invasive plants
ie7logo(copy) New Zealand Plant Conservation Network Povides the latest news in plant conservation
ie7logo(copy) New Zealand Plant Conservation Network - Threats Information on plants that have become naturalised in New Zealand
ie7logo(copy) Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) You will find listings and descriptions of plant species that threaten ecosytems of the Pacific islands.  Also listed are many other invasive and potentially invasive plant species present in and around the Pacific region. Weed Risk Assessments are also provided on PIER
ie7logo(copy) PAN Pesticide Database – Chemicals This database and website are updated and enhanced by Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA). The project is made possible by our Sponsors and by PANNA general funds. We need your support to maintain and improve this system. Please support the database and website — donate to PANNA.
ie7logo(copy) PIER – Global Compendium of Weeds The Global Compendium of Weeds is a list of plant species (over 28,000 names) that have been cited in specific references (approximately 1,000) as weeds. An expert has assessed the status of the weed based on its context in each document. Sometimes, additional information--such as native range, whether the plant has reported medical/herbal uses, etc.--is included when available.
ie7logo(copy) Plant Pono Planting pono means taking care to make good planting decisions. Looks at protecting Hawaiis environment.
ie7logo(copy) Queensland Government: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Benefits of planning Provides information on the benefits of planning pest management
ie7logo(copy) Queensland Government: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Cut Stump Provides information regarding cut stump
ie7logo(copy) Queensland Government: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry – Developing a plan Information on weed control
ie7logo(copy) Schefflera actinophylla Factsheet about Schefflera actinophylla
ie7logo(copy) ScienceNews – Aliens in Antarctica An article on an invasive plant found in Antarctica
ie7logo(copy) The Weed Wrench The Weed Wrench is an all-metal tool originally designed to pull broom plants in California. It is very effective at pulling small to large trees out of the ground, even out of dry, hard soils
ie7logo(copy) Weed Management and Monitoring Department of Conservation Course Provides information about the New Zealand Department of Conservations Weed Management and Monitoring Course
ie7logo(copy) Weedbusters Weedbusters is about working together to reduce the threat of weeds to New Zealand's natural environment. Weeds are one of the greatest threats to the environment but together we can make a difference.
ie7logo(copy) Weeds Australia – Weed Identification Will provide you with a good description of weeds found in Australia, some that may even be found in your own country.
ie7logo(copy) YouTube Channel – Plants202 Provides numerous YouTube clips on plants