The Pacific Invasives Initiative (PII) is the leading capacity development organisation for invasive species management in the Pacific region.
PII Introduction

PII has worked with Pacific agencies (both government and non-government organisations (NGOs)) to  strengthen their capacity for managing invasive species since 2004. Building long-term institutional relationships with agencies to empower confidence and encourage self-reliance is an essential component of our capacity development work.

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Purpose of this Resource Kit

Invasive plant management projects are usually complex and long-term. Effective programme prioritisation, design and implementation are essential to assist managers to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of an invasive plant management project.

The PII Resource Kit for Invasive Plant Management (Invasive Plant Resource Kit) is a practical guide to assist invasive plant teams (i.e. decision makers, project managers, officers and field crews) to apply informed decision making in the prioritisation, design, development and implementation of an effective invasive plant management programme, thereby, increasing their chances of success.

The need for this Resource Kit came from PII’s experience working on invasive species projects with Pacific agencies. Because invasive species management is a relatively new tool for island restoration in the Pacific, a common constraint for agencies was access to an authoritative and consistent process and a source of information to effectively address the complexity of invasive species management.

The Invasive Plant Resource Kit provides access to a range of information sources including current knowledge and best practice. The focus is on Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). However, this  Resource Kit will also be useful for many other Regions working on invasive plant management.  PII has also developed an Invasive Plant Management Training Course in association with this Resource Kit. Contact PII if you would like more information on the Training Course.

Scope of this Resource Kit

The PII Resource Kit for Invasive Plant Management focuses on the management of invasive plants from sites (i.e. islands and/or mainland  areas). Strategies for invasive plant management are: prevention, eradication, control, or do nothing.

This  Resource Kit works through the six stages of the PII Project Process in a series of closely-linked steps:
  1. Project Selection: a process to select the highest priority project(s) so that resources are used to the best advantage.
  2. Feasibility Study: gives an indication of whether the project is achievable, or not, by investigating seven key criteria.
  3. Project Design:  describes the governance and management (responsibilities,  timing, logistics) of the project.
  4. Operational planning: specifies how the operation will be implemented.
  5. Implementation: this is where the operation is done!
  6. Sustaining the Project: the on-going work required after the operation has been completed.

How this Resource Kit was developed

The  PII Resource Kit for Invasive Plant Management was designed by combining  PII’s experience working with Pacific agencies with existing best practice for invasive plant management. PII actively involved invasive plant specialists and Pacific practitioners throughout the development of the Resource Kit to ensure the content is both accurate and relevant.