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By Stage

Type Name Description Size
  STAGE 1: Project Selection Stage Further information for Stage 1  
  STAGE 2: Feasibility Study Stage Further information for Stage 2  
  STAGE 3: Project Design Stage Further information for Stage 3  
  STAGE 4: Operational Planning Stage Further information for Stage 4  
  STAGE 5: Implementation Stage Further information for Stage 5  
  STAGE 6: Sustaining the Project Stage Further information for Stage 6  



Stakeholder Engagement

Type Name Description Size
Case studies on the importance of community engagement by A. Saunders, H. Blaffart, C. Morley, J. Kuruyawa, V. Masibalavu and E. Seniloli, University of Nebraska, 2007. 84Kb
A Community Consultation Toolkit Produced by Minerals Council of Australia, Victoria Division. While written for the mining industry, the toolkit contains some very good general advice on engaging with communities.  
Three books of 'Effective Engagement: building relationships with community and other stakeholders' Produced by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria State Government, Australia. General advice on effective community engagement.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Type Name Description Size
Expedition Field Techniques - Bird Surveys Bibby C., Jones M., Marsden S., 1998. A pdf document from the Royal Geographic Society on techniques for bird surveys.  
Bird census and survey techniques Gregory R.D., Gibbons D.W. et Donald P.F., 2004. A pdf version of a Chapter from Sutherland W.J., Newton I. et Green R. E. [eds.]: Bird Ecology and Conservation; a Handbook of Techniques. - Oxford University Press, Oxford: 17-56  
Transect Method Surveying for Birds Transect Method Surveying Birds from Florida Monitoring Program by Hostetler M.E. & Main M.B. 2008a.  
Point Count Method to Survey Birds Point Count Method to Survey Birds from Florida Monitoring Program by Hostetler M.E. & Main M.B. 2008b  
Simple instructions for setting up photo points Published on www.openspaces.org.nz  




Type Name Description Size
An Example Biosecurity Prevention Sign An example warning sign produced for the Bay of Islands, NZ 629Kb

An Example Biosecurity Prevention information sheet An example factsheet used in public awareness of biosecurity. Produced by DOC, NZ. 39Kb
An Example Biosecurity Prevention Plan from Galapagos Islands An example biosecurity protocol. Produced by Charles Darwin Foundation 110Kb

A case study of the use of DNA sampling in Biosecurity Incursion Response Academic paper by Russell et al (2010) using DNA sampling to identify the orgin of invading rats. 345Kb
International Standard Specification for Rat Guards on ship mooring lines Published by ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials).